Silent Gliss 5100 Autoglide 

• Electric Curtain Track System Silent Gliss 5100 for light to medium weight curtains. 

• This system is powered by a precise and silent 100 - 240V AC Motor. • Motors come with integrated radio receiver. 

• Smooth operation with soft start and stop. 

• “Touch and Go” offers easy operation. 

• Equipped with a manual override feature against power failure. 

• Minimum bending radius is 30cm. 

• Celling or wall fix. 

• Suitable for use with Wave curtain heading system. 

• White only. 

• No pre-wiring necessary. 

• Excellent security device when homes are unoccupied. 

• All controls are wireless.

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Silent Gliss 5600 

 • Motorised curtain track system for contract and residential use 

• The world’s most silent curtain track system. • Elegant and premium appearance. 

• New roller technology enables an extremely smooth operation (patent pending). 

• Available with Wave curtain heading system • Automatic or easy manual limit setting. 

• Compatible with Silent Gliss radio remote control systems.

 • Equipped with “Touch and Go” and an integrated manual override operation.

• App operation available. 

• 2 motor speeds. 

• Permanent positioning sensor to keep endpositions even without power. 

• Stacking: single and pair stacks. For symmetric applications. 

• Easy ceiling, wall and recess fix. Profile can also be fixed directly onto ceiling without brackets. • Bendable recess profile available. 

• The motor can be rotated in four different directions and can also be mounted above the profile. 

• Standard colours: white and silver. 

• Other colours on request.

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Silent Gliss 5800 

• For very heavy installations 

• Exceptionally neat profile for size of system, especially compared with traditional stage tracks 

• Extremely wide choice of stacking options including multiple stacking 

• Profiles can be mounted in parallel for increased overlap • Emergency stop button 

• Floor or wall mounting of motor. Can also be mounted above the track itself 

• Non-stretch steel core rope in internal channels 

• Automatic limit switches and built in thermal overload 

• Motor speed 20cm per second 

• Systems may be up to 60m long and curtains 270kg in weight 

• Silver only 

• Can be combined with Radio Remote Control System Silent Gliss 9940/0450